Fashion Project Cafe

Pattern Making, Grading, and Marker Making Services - Garment District - Los Angeles
Starting a new line and need a pattern maker? Have pattern makers, but need to send some work outside? Tired of making patterns manually by paper? Having problems with fitting? Whatever apparel product development solution you seek, our expert pattern makers will deliver the highest quality services, fastest turnaround, and the most affordable rates.

Fashion Project Cafe is a one-stop shop for fashion designers and apparel manufacturers of all sizes looking for quality digital pattern making, pattern grading, marker making, and revolutionary 3D sample making services. By leveraging Tukatech’s advanced 2D and 3D CAD technology, our pattern makers deliver the highest quality patterns far faster than services using manual methods, or other cad software, such as gerber accumark or pad.
Visit the Fashion Project Cafe in the California Fashion Mart in the heart of Los Angeles’s Fashion District. We are located inside the The Fashion Bookstore.
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tel: 213-623-7352